Friday, February 23, 2007

The Uglies (series)

My 8th grade students are devouring these books - Uglies is the first. Then the series moves to the Pretties and then the Specials. I've started the first book but can't seem to keep it in my class long enough to read it. I just can't say no to my students and keep loaning them out. Anyone out there read it? I would love to hear what you think. I do know it has an interesting premise sort of a sci-fi in the future everyone who reaches a certain age is altered to be pretty but that's as far as I am. It also has an interesting start - something about the sky being the color of cat vomit. Great voice!

I hope to receive recommendations and comments as we begin to talk about books.


Shane said...

Sorry I can not comment on those books. I can comment on the C.J. Box series I am currently reading. I am on the the third novel "Winter Kill" and it is just as interesting as the first two. I can foresee these being made into movies. All of them are about Joe Pickett, a game warden, living in Twelvesleep, Wyoming. I love it because he is an unlikely hero and all the scenery I can relate to. The imagery is like I know exactly where he is writing about. He makes references to Casper, Cheyenne, and Jackson.

dgolen said...

I can not comment on this series but it sound very intriguing. I will have to add these books to my "To Read" list.
thanks for the info.